Photo taken at  Hampton Social  in Chicago, IL. 

With holiday parties in full swing, I don't think I'm the only one who is thinking about what to wear, what to gift and how to not eat all the things. 

Christmas time brings with it the perfect opportunities to open your home to others, and to celebrate - it seems like every day this month is booked for Nate and I. One habit I keep is making sure I don't go anywhere empty handed. If you have me over for dinner, I will insist on bringing something, and if you come to my house I will be sure to open a fresh bottle of wine for you. Wine makes people happy and I like happy people.

Here are a few of my picks this season for gifting along with Nate's favorite picks. See below for a FREE DOWNLOAD to a set of holiday wine tags for all of your gifting needs this season. 

Cutwater Spirits Fugo Vodka Spicy Bloody Mary

Guys, this is the real deal. If you're hosting brunch this season, these should be at the top of your grocery list. Jazz up your bloody with some skewers and your friends will think you're a genius mixologist. Candied bacon is amazing with this, or go for an antipasto skewer loaded with thick cut cheese and salami. YUM. I haven't tried their mule mix, but I guarantee it's just as tasty. 

Pol Roger Champagne

My sisters, mom and I went on a quick girl's trip to Chicago after Thanksgiving and went to Pops for Campagne. None of us had ever been there but it was so great. Champagne has always been one of my favorite beverages; any excuse to pop a bottle is a good excuse to me. Next time you're in the city, take a shopping break and get a glass of champagne. I personally shop better after I've had a bit of champagne..

Warpigs Foggy Geezer

Nate is a fan of most any beer, but sticks to IPA style beers whenever he can. Recently, he found this one at our favorite local liquor store, City Wide, and wouldn't you know, the six pack has disappeared from our fridge. This is a great idea for any guy who needs a little extra gift this time of year. 

Makers mark 46 Bourbon

By far, Nate's favorite drink is whiskey. He usually drinks it on the rocks, with a splash of cherry juice, so this year, his go to bottle is the oldie but goodie - Markers 46. I sometimes wonder whhhhhy exactly we need another bottle of whiskey in our house, but it's a great go to when we have friends over for dinner. In Nate's words "you can't go wrong with 46." 


There you have it folks. Happy holiday drinking! If you made it this far, click the link below for a free download to use this season for all your gifting needs. 


Merry Christmas! 


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