Rustic Elegance

I had the amazing privilege of working with one of my sweetest, lifelong friends on her wedding suite and day of needs, and I seriously can't tell you how much I loved working with her!! And not just because she's one of my besties. When you are a bride, you should feel like you are princess, and that marrying your fiance is the most exciting thing in the world. For Stephanie, this is exactly how she lives her life; in pure excitement and overwhelming joy. The wedding suite we were able to design together was a tastefully simple suite! No fuss, no muss. 

Read on to find out more about Stephanie and Casey's wedding!

What words would you use to describe your wedding theme? How did you decide what you wanted your wedding to be like?

My theme was simple and elegant. I wanted a traditional, beautiful wedding but with the wedding industry as expensive as it is I chose a simplistic style and really went all out on areas that mattered most to us. 

What were the most important things/pieces of your wedding you wanted to focus on in your wedding budget?

We focused our budget on the venue, DJ, videographer, and photographer. 

How did you go about finding and choosing lined goods? 

The creator and founder, Maddie, has been a life long friend of mine. I had an idea of what my wedding stationary would look like but Maddie's artistic abilities brought my vision to life. She is such a hard worker and truly dedicates herself to her clients. It wasn't even a choice I had to make but rather a gift to be given the opportunity to work with her. 

What would you recommend all brides do during planning?

I recommend making a binder to keep all your receipts and to do lists in one place. Choosing and booking my vendors early allowed me to create my dream team of vendors who I could trust. 

What is one thing you couldn’t live without at your wedding?

The peace of mind knowing you have the best vendors who worked together so well. Lined goods was amongst that team for me and the months leading up to my wedding Maddie and I discussed design ideas, she worked with my timeline and delivered her product in a timely manner. She not only has an eye for design but she can also add such a beautiful and personal touch with calligraphy she does by hand! 

Would you recommend brides work with lined goods for their wedding? 

ABSOLUTELY! Maddie goes above and beyond for her clients. Lined goods did my entire stationary from design, to printing, and even assembling it all together! It was a stress free and easy process.  I was able to focus my attention on other areas of my wedding planning while I left my stationary in the trusted hands of Lined goods! Working with Maddie is one of the best decisions I made for my wedding and I am so grateful for all her hard work!


Vendors: Josephiney Photography | Leah Trib Productions | Adam's Cake Shop | David's Bridal | Camellia Cosmetics

All photographs in this post are credited to Joanne from Josephiney Photography.