For the Love of Love

V-Day around here isn't really all that crazy. Nate and I buy a bottle of wine, grill steaks and hunker down like most other nights of the week. There's typically so much hype surrounding Valentines Day and it feels good that for us, it's just another night spent together, likely in our sweatpants and with an early bedtime.

If there's one thing I love any time of the year, it's a big fat bouquet from Farm Girl Flowers. These  guys know what's up and deliver the best of the best every time. This is one tradition I am 100% onboard with. To all the men out there, bookmark this company and surprise your girl with them on a rainy day! Girls, nudge your men anytime you feel like you need some fresh floral in the house. 

Shop my casual look by clicking  here! 

Shop my casual look by clicking here!